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Genico Advisors: Direct Personal Contact with the Cell Bank

Genico is located in Ascona, Switzerland, and has been active throughout Europe since 2004. The company has its own biobank. It is currently the only company specializing in cryogenic storage for stem cells derived from the umbilical cord. Genico is in personal contact with the mothers through its network of accredited advisors.

Throughout the pregnancy, the advisor remains in direct contact with the parents-to-be, helps them prepare the documents required for cryogenic storage, and personally arranges for the kit to be picked up at the hospital.

Genico is ISO 9001:2008 certified and closely supervised by an international science committee. Its partners meet the most stringent international standards.

In partnership with the well-known American laboratory PerkinElmer Genetics, Genico offers StepOne© expanded newborn Screening, making early diagnosis of most currently known genetic diseases possible.

Ascona offices

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