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Becoming Parents

Becoming a parent is not difficult. Being a parent, on the other hand, is very difficult! There is no one model for successful parenthood. Parents-to-be worry about many different things: How will I deal with problems? How will I behave toward my children? How will I communicate to them the values dearest to my heart?

Already during the nine months of the pregnancy, the mother and father are laying the foundation for parenthood as they anticipate the birth. A sense of responsibility develops instinctively as the unborn baby grows, and prepares the parents to lovingly raise the child and help it to develop a healthy, self-confident personality. In doing so, however, the parents should not give up their own individuality or their life as a couple.

If the parents are good to themselves, and have a cheerful, self-confident, even temperament, the children will also grow up to be well-balanced adults. The example set for the child by parents who continue to lead their own lives and invest in themselves as individuals is worth a thousand words.
The birth of a child brings about significant changes for the couple, and roles have to be redefined, which is invariably brought about by a real crisis in the relationship.

There is no cause for alarm. This development is essential if the family is to find a new balance. The arrival of a child leads to many changes, from which the intimacy and closeness of the couple's relationship frequently suffer. For this reason, the partners absolutely need "couple time" and space, so they can be not only parents, but a man and a woman together. Romance and eroticism must not be given short shrift.
There is no magic formula in this case either! But here are a few pieces of advice for new parents: help each other, try to understand each other and to redefine the new relationship in view of the new situations you will face each day. Seek out dialogue and be willing to listen to your partner; then the birth of your child will enrich and revitalize your relationship.
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