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Cell-Sample Analysis

The suitability of stem cell samples for cryogenic storage is determined through stringent testing at the Genico laboratory. In many cases, cell samples cannot be stored due to poor-quality biological material (pathologies undetected before the birth) or imperfect conditions for collection, because the samples would not be usable after thawing.

Cell-sample analyses:
  • Hemogram of the sample before and after processing
  • Infectious serology analysis:
    • HIV1/2 Ag-Ac (HIV p24-antigens and HIV 1 and 2 antibodies)
    • HIV-1 PCR
    • HBsAg (hepatitis B antigens)
    • HBV-PCR
    • HCV (hepatitis C antibodies)
    • HCV-PCR
    • HTLV I/II (IgG antibodies; IgM of human T-cell lymphotropic virus types I and II)
    • Syphilis (antibodies)
    • CMV (IgG antibodies; IgM)
  • Analyses to check whether the sample is sterile
  • Estimate of CD34 and CD45 content of the cells (antigens/stem cell markers) Cell viability.
If serologic findings are positive, the sample cannot be stored.
If the stem-cell content of the sample is relatively low, the parents are informed and can decide for themselves whether or not they still want to store the sample.

If the sample is not stored, any payments already made are refunded to the family.
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Last modified on: 03/09/2012
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