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Emotional Health

Maintaining your emotional equilibrium during pregnancy is just as important as maintaining good physical condition, to which it is closely tied. It is completely normal for the mother-to-be to experience strong feelings of happiness, but anxieties and contradictory emotions also are not uncommon during this special time.

Bringing a child into the world makes a fundamental change in a woman's life. Worrying about the responsibility that comes with parenthood and the inevitable changes that accompany the birth of a baby is a normal part of pregnancy. Remember, nature has given you the strength for the job. Becoming a mother is much more instinctive and natural than it might seem at first.

During the nine months of pregnancy, mothers-to-be should talk about their little daily challenges without feeling guilty or embarrassed. The best way to have a positive experience is to get help, overcome needless anxieties, and enjoy every moment of this precious and unique period of symbiosis with your baby.

Special classes help with psychological preparation for birth. They provide support and useful advice to expectant mothers.
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