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Information on Privacy Practices

The personal data on users of this website are processed according to the Swiss Federal Act on data protection of June 19th, 1992.

The protection level is considered adequate for the protection of personal data transferred from countries belonging to the European Union, according to the Commission Decision of July 26th, 2000 about the adequacy of the protection of personal data in Switzerland as stated by Directive 95/46/EC of October 24th, 1995.

1. Liability for personal data processing
The owner of the data processor is Genico SA, based in Viale Bartolomeo Papio 3, 6612 Ascona (Switzerland)

2. Sources of personal data

The personal data processed for the purposes as in point 3 are freely given by the users through this Internet Website.

3. Purposes of data processing
All personal data freely provided by the website users can be used by Genico SA directly or through third parties in its commercial activity, in compliance with the current regulations about privacy issues and corporate and industrial confidentiality, only for the following purposes:

  • uses which are related or instrumental to the company's activity, to the provision of services and to the activities at selected partner facilities
  • data filing and document storage
  • economic and administrative management and carrying out of the contract or of the existing binding conditions with the user
  • carrying out obligations related to a valid contract, and to fiscal and legal issues
  • advertising, marketing, commercial purposes and market surveys
  • statistical analysis aimed at customer satisfaction
  • sending of advertising material, through IT channels as well.

4. Treatment of personal data
The treatment of personal data is performed for the above mentioned purposes, both digitally and on paper, through electronic or automated devices, in compliance with current regulations about security and confidentiality issues.

The treatment of personal data by Genico SA and/or by third parties that the company may authorize includes any operation or series of operations related to the gathering, recording, organization, preservation, consultation, processing, editing, selection, extraction, comparison, use, linking, blocking, communication, diffusion, erasing and destruction of data, even if not recorded in a data bank.

Data are treated directly by Genico SA, and by partner companies and/or third party companies providing services to the Data Controller, as treatment controllers and/or assignees, in compliance with the purposes mentioned in point 3 above. The list of such collaborators can be requested from the Personal Data Controller mentioned in point 1.

5. Personal Data communication and sharing
Personal data, with the exception of sensitive data related to health status, can be communicated, with strict limitations related to the obligations, assignments and purposes mentioned above in point 3 and in compliance with current regulations, to the following categories:

  • public and/or private bodies and authorities, which shall receive data in order to fulfill or request fulfilment of specific obligations in compliance with laws, regulations and community legislation
  • legal professionals hired to defend Genico SA or its partner companies in litigations or administrative procedures about the above mentioned relationships; the names of such professionals shall be provided on request by the Privacy Controller
  • natural or legal persons entrusted by Genico SA with various assignments; the names of such collaborators shall be provided on request by the Privacy Controller
  • banks or other banking institutions for payment management
  • funding national and/or community organisations, or providing any kind of subsidy
  • associate companies, controlled by or controlling Genico SA
  • natural and/or legal persons that are legally entitled to access personal data by the current legislation or by orders from the appropriate authorities
  • public security authorities
  • judicial authorities.

Sensitive data, or those related to health status, may be communicated to partner structures or, generally speaking, to external healthcare facilities, bound by the same confidentiality obligations of Genico SA, and to judicial authorities, following specific request. The personal data transmitted from us to the above mentioned organisations shall include exclusively the information necessary to fulfill the purposes such data were originally communicated for.

Personal data shall not be shared publicly.

6. Cookies
Cookies are used by the website.

7. Rights of users
On the issue of personal data treatment, the user can exercise the rights described in the Swiss Federal Act on data protection of June 19th, 1992 and in the Directive 95/46/EC of October 24th, 1995.

Consequently, the user can at any time request and receive confirmation of the presence at Genico SA of his/her personal data, and obtain access to such data. The user shall be entitled to request add-ons, updates, corrections, to have the data erased, to have the data made anonymous in case of legal infringement, and to receive confirmation that the contents of the above mentioned operations have been communicated to whomever is sharing such data (with the exception of cases in which fulfilling such modifications is not feasible or requires actions that are disproportionately expensive if compared to the safeguard of the user's rights). Furthermore, the user can refuse, completely or partially, the treatment of his/her own personal data.

The rights mentioned in this paragraph can be exercised by written request, sent by registered mail to this address:

Genico SA
viale Bartolomeo Papio 3
6612 Ascona

Information on advertisement issues

This website is an instrument used by Genico SA in order to advertise its own services. The website does not contain advertisement from third parties.

Information about website funding

The website is the property of the privately owned company Genico SA, with registered office in Ascona (Switzerland), viale Bartolomeo Papio 3, and does not have any external funding source whatsoever.

Terms and conditions

 1. Restrictions of use, data ownership and rights
All pages of this website are the property of Genico SA and/or its subsidiaries/partners. The contents of the website are made available for informational purposes only. The information on the website is available exclusively for personal use, and not for any commercial use: it is not allowed to use the website to request materials, data and information in order to obtain competitive advantage from them. The user of this website implicitely undertakes not to make any illegal or unauthorized use of it, according to the terms and conditions of this document. Should the terms and conditions of this website not be observed, authorization to its use becomes automatically void and the user must destroy any material that might have been downloaded or printed.

The distribution, editing, copying and the partial or complete use of the contents of this website, including text, graphics, audio and video are not allowed without our prior written authorization, with the exception of information downloaded on single computers for personal and not commercial use, provided that every copyright and proprietary markings are maintained integrally. Any use of such material on other websites or online computers or its reproduction for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited. Genico SA reserves the right of protecting any right of the company, even those not explicitely reported on this document.

Genico SA reserves the right of editing and correcting the information on the website at any time, without prior notice. The company shall be entitled to modify the products and/or services described in this website at any time. Genico SA does not guarantee that this website shall remain online indefinitely.

2. Medical information
This website does not provide medical advice. All the information on the site has purely informative purposes and does not in any way replace the physician's opinion. It is divulged for educational and informative purposes only, and must not be used for diagnoses, for the treatment of illnesses or of other health conditions.

Genico SA accepts no liability on the way such information shall be used.

3. Disclaimer

Genico SA accepts no liability about the possible uses of the information on this website.

All information on this website can be changed or updated at any time and without any prior notice.

Genico SA does not guarantee that the contents of this website are free or errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Whoever might notice any such error is kindly requested to inform Genico SA for the necessary amendments.

The user is fully responsible for all the precautionary measures to ensure that the data from this website are virus-free or not affected by any other potentially destructive software code.

Genico Sa and its subsidiaries/partners, its suppliers and its third parties mentioned on this website accept no liability for any damage, either direct, indirect, accidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive and of any other kind (including, without limitations, the damage from profit or data loss or commercial interruptions) caused by or in any way related to this website, to services and products related to this website, to contents or information provided by the website and/or by a different website through hyperlinks, if based on warranties, contract, illegal acts or any other legal requirement and regardless of any notification about such damage. The only way to obviate such dissatisfaction related to the website, to the related services and/or to other hyperlinked sites consists in not using the website and/or its services. Some legal authorities do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of accidental or consequential data, therefore the above mentioned limitations and exclusions may not be applicable.

4. Hyperlinks to other sites
This website may contain links to external sites, provided for the user's convenience. We take no responsibility for the access to other sites through our website. Genico SA does not guarantee nor accepts liability for their contents or their use.

By accessing any external site through links on this website, the user accepts complete responsibility for all possible related risks.

5. Hyperlink to this website

Only links to complete pages of this website can be created. Copying material from this website onto an external server is strictly forbidden. Creating links to single items of the website (including photographs, images, charts, buttons, text) with the purpose of including them in other websites or connecting such single elements to other web pages is strictly forbidden.
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