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Genico: Safety and Reliability Come First

Every day we strive to achieve transparency and quality, and remain in the vanguard of science and technology, always fully aware that we are handling one of the resources most precious to human life.
Genico is a member of a voluntary certification system using the ISO standards, and works exclusively with highly qualified experts and certified entities.

The bank's team of biologists and technical experts in cryogenic storage continually ensures that the parameters for stem-cell storage meet the highest quality and safety standards. Genico guarantees that, if need be, your child's stem cells can be made available as quickly as possible and in compliance with the benchmark quality standards (NetCord-FACT international standards).

Collection Kit Certification

Packaging for cord blood collection kits has passed tests and inspections for its suitability for transporting biological material. The burst test was done in accordance with IATA Packaging Instruction 650, and the impact resistance and transportability test in accordance with standard EN 353-2. The blood pouch in the kit complies with the European standard for medical devices (EC certificate).

Screening Laboratory Certification

Genico uses StepOne© expanded newborn Screening from the prestigious American laboratory PerkinElmer Genetics. This internationally renowned company is accredited by many American governmental and non-governmental medical and scientific entities and regularly participates in training provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP).
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