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Sex during Pregnancy

Having sex with your partner during pregnancy in no way harms the unborn child. The baby is safe in its amniotic sac. 

On the contrary, feelings such as happiness, love, and relaxation can only be good for the baby. 
 Just remember that the embryo is at its most vulnerable during the early weeks of pregnancy, so pleasure and love should be expressed gently. Sexual desire also sometimes decreases during the first trimester due to nausea, vomiting, and the radical hormonal changes in the mother's body. 

In subsequent months the libido bounces back. Pregnant women are generally extremely sensitive to stimuli. Couples often experience the most fulfilling part of their sex life during the second trimester of pregnancy. 
During a normal uncomplicated pregnancy, you need have no reservations about sex during the entire nine months. Any risk factors will depend on the physical fitness and personal history of the mother-to-be. Your gynecologist will best be able to advise you.
Page created on: 03/09/2012
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