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30-Year Storage of Stem Cells from Cord Blood

At Genico, you can have your child's stem cells stored at a private storage facility and held ready in case they are needed for a transplant for your child or another family member.

Stem cells are collected from umbilical cord blood (hematopoietic stem cells) immediately after birth, and then placed in storage. This is a simple, non-invasive, completely risk-free process. The collection is done by medical staff in the delivery room after a natural childbirth or cesarean section.

Genico provides a kit for safely collecting the specimens and transporting them to the laboratory, where the stem cells are extracted and placed in cryogenic storage. The kit is furnished upon admission to the delivery room. It is designed to keep the cells alive during transport. The kit is picked up by a licensed courier service immediately after the birth and taken to the laboratory.

The specific steps of the process are certified, guaranteeing maximal quality control and meeting the strictest international standards. The kit's certificate of conformity ensures optimal transport conditions. Genico has detailed procedures to ensure proper packaging before the kit is given to the courier. Transport is monitored, and the kit's internal temperature is continually recorded on a data logger.

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